Erbium and Diode lasers for operculisation in the second phase of implant surgery: a case series

Case Report

Authors:  Semez Gianfranco, Sambri Carlo Francesco, Rocca Jean Paul


Objective: Decontamination of the operative field, tissue ablation, possibility of haemostasis and reduced pain simptomatology are a few of the benefits brought together by laser technology. All these advantages can be enlarged particularly in the second phase of implant surgery, when it was decided
to create an operculum to uncover the loading fixture. Materials and Methods: Authors present two clinical cases in which the soft tissue covering the implant has been removed to create an under dimensioned operculum and subsequent positioning of the healing screw, by using two different
wavelengths: Er:YAG laser and Diode laser. Results: Both laser wavelengths demonstrated high level of performance during the surgical phase. Erbium laser proved to be faster in cutting, with higher macroscopic cleaning of margins, no clinical evidence of carbonization, a very good healing process and only a light intraoperative bleeding. Diode laser permitted an excellent cutting control, a perfect haemostasis and a very good view of the operative field, but with a little bit of delay and discomfort in the healing process. Conclusions: Considering in the end the total reflection of Er:YAG laser on implant surfaces without complications linked to overheating (opposite to the Diode laser), authors prefer the use of Erbium laser for operculisation of implant fixtures during the second surgical phase in implantology.

Key-words: implant, operculum, Er:YAG laser, Diode laser

For the full text go to: [niquimiche.files – erbium and diode lasers for operculisation]


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